Hello, my name is Milda, a photographer based in Leeds.

Specialising in newborn, maternity and family photography, covering a wide area across West Yorkshire.

I am a mum of three beautiful, funny, clever and extremely naughty children. They keep me busy most of the time, but they are also the ones who inspire me the most. Becoming a mother has opened the secret door to my inner talent and passion for newborn photography that I never knew existed. Like many new mums, I held a camera for the first time when my daughter was born. Being able to capture a moment and freeze it forever, amazed me deeply.

Creating personal projects, attending various courses and workshops has helped me to develop my style and skill to create bespoke fine art images. Specialising in family, maternity and newborn photography allowed me to meet award winning and UK’s leading newborn photographers and be trained by them in  safe newborn posing. Safety of my littlest clients is the number one priority during the sessions. I have to admit, newborns are my favourites! I just can’t get enough of those scrumptious tiny toes and wafer thin nails, soft skin and adorable rosy lips. Working from home, here in Leeds, West Yorkshire, allows me to offer decent pricing on my services, therefore many can enjoy fruits of newborn, maternity and family photography.

Also, I adore maternity photography. A woman who carries a new life inside of her is so beautiful and compelling. I feel extremely privileged to be allowed during this intimate time of her life to capture fabulous, yet soon to be forgotten, memories.

Discovering photography was as amazing as it was seeing my babies for the first time. Knowing that every time I press the shutter I capture that moment for future generations to remember and cherish. There’s nothing more important than memories. Today’s busy lifestyle consumes us in the daily routine, letting us easily forget how quickly time flies. Photographs are the unique way to stop those precious moments that we can look back and remember…smile… and love…

This is what I am here for. To deliver love…happiness… and unforgettable memories…

Do not hesitate to contact me for an informal chat to discuss your wishes and ideas about your family, maternity or newborn photography session.

With love, Milda



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